Funny sayari nepali


Funny sayari

We are the prevention of the prevention, in every work, make sure that they can make all the fans, they need to find out the lipstick, we make the lips of the kiss and kiss it !!
Kaut was the passion of this, mosquito had cut your cloud, Then you had it was your supreme, it would not be able to kill him, and you can not kill him, and you could not kill him, because he was the only blood in his rug.
There is no gum in your world, your happiness is never less, God give such items,?? Which is not less than the smooth jasmine of Agnipath !!
The big long story of the speech of the stock is ever, but the film is ever to show, the Master Rose says the money of fees where money is fee? I can explain to me how I have a picture of the picture !!
Feeling free, which is gum, who is typing in life, good or bad is only confusion, the name of life is ever gum.
Night is so that the cylusus is completed; Near the embossed one should be passed; What pain has been given, this study has not been done; Naive and not slept.
The emotion is changed in the path of age. Things in the tall of the time change change. 😂😂  thinks, make the work-working records. Catch the fucking salry to see the fashion
Do not read the weak heart .... Dangerous Shayari  saw a lot of news, then there was no one to do with the kid, then it was no one to read the wow wow, then the other was not read, but there was no one.
Jab only gets inquiry scared to say something. If he lives in the wait in the wait in this wait .. That's the same thing, the thing is sharp shake that she can not be angry ... every thing speaks sorry somewhere ... my lon today spends a little time that ... I google google and also let me discover that ..
My vibrating is to definitely find the wifi, because my friend is so few brackets. That's how to use Wi-Fi, he's will come to me ..
Hand was on the waist. "Slipped down the sliding and the bottom was launched


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