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sad Sayari
new sad shayari
loving shayari

You will remain incomplete without us
 Ever wanted someone, you would say it yourself,
 We will not be anyone, you will say it yourself,
 You will get many but no one will be mad like us.

 We went to the healer to heal the wounds
 I swear ointment was not found, we died instead of ointment!

 I saw you getting away,
 I saw the dreams crushed!
 Hey people say never mind weeping
 We also saw flowers crying in loneliness!

 One day we too will cover the shroud… ..
 Every relationship will be broken from this land ……
 As much as you want
 Will leave everyone crying for a day ……

 The wait is now lost,
 Silence has become a habit,
 There was no problem nor complaint from anyone,
 If there is a love,
 Which has happened to these loners ..!

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Loving sayari

 We also had love sometime,
 Did not count a little,
 When I said, hey, I joked…

 Seeing it we often realize,
 Sometimes the giver is also very special,
 This is another thing that we don't have every moment,
 But we often have his sadness…!

 When God may have made love,
 Then he too must have tried it ..
 What is our position,
 Fucking love
 God must have made you cry too!

 Couldn't express even if you wanted to,
 A cut age could not love anyone,
 Even if you asked for your separation,
 And we were unable to deny it!

 Do you remember why I am suffering?
 When did you go away .. Why does it make you cry?
 There is pain, like salt on the burn.
 Don't even know yourself, how to forget you?

 Today we have come calling them unfaithful!
 His letters have been shed in the water.
 Do not take them out of the water…
 That is why we have set fire to water too!

sad shayari in english

 Tears come in my eyes
 Even then, you have to keep laughing,
 What is this love too, Friends?
 Have to hide from what you do…

 I did not think for whom we died,
 One day they will be away from us,
 We also wanted to live,
 How will you live without you now…

 Life is the seal of travel,
 Somebody got lost, someone got separated
 Those who had asked for the day's blessings,
 He got someone else without asking.

 Time destroys Noor,
 Wounds the little wound,
 Who wants to be away from themselves,
 But time forces everyone!

 Result of love,
 We saw bad in the world,
 Who claimed the wafa,
 We also saw them unfaithfully.

 What will that unfaithfulness take our Imteha…
 If you look at my eyes, I will take my eyes…
 Don't let her burn the lamp on my grave…
 She is immature friends… she will burn her hand.

 There is no jam in a broken cup
 The patient does not feel comfortable in love
 This thought would have taken place before breaking this unfaithful heart
 The broken heart does not work for anyone …… ..

 I got decorated in the Sheesh Mahal of Wafa,
 A heart that has turned into stone,
 Thinking that there is no happiness,
 I hid myself in sorrow of sorrow,
 I never finished the illusion of light,
 If the lamp is extinguished, I burn the heart,
 The amazing thing is that the enemy had to run on,k
 I ate that arrow on my heart.

sad love shayari in hindi for boyfriend

 Thought we would torment them,
 They will burn them by taking someone else's name,
 Then I thought I would have pain in torturing them,
 Then how can we persecute them.

zindagi sad shayari

 In life, there is no support
 Sometimes - no one loves _ love, _
 Hey, keep it close to him,
 He never got lost again after getting lost.

 If you have a little love, then you will have me too.
 Otherwise, I do not waste so much time in just one heart breaker 💔… | • | 🎀👭🎏 | • |

sad shayari 2019

 If you want, we also keep
 We also beat 4 in someone's heart,
 Do not know when they will meet 👩 for whom we are suffering every day.

 ⏰ Time and ❤ love are both special in life
 No one has 7 at the time and 47 is not loved by everyone.

 Having offline 4,
 Only messages from 4 stop coming,
 How many words ...

 What was the need to do dear tell ċҡ 🔐,
 Once love speaks with 💔 Now it is not needed 👧 Me.

alone shayri

 learned from great difficulties ☺ live,
 Away from you without you,
 Don't come back again
 💖 Otherwise also
 I will die without you ..

 Just writing to you felt like ...
 Longer than waiting ... no more words ????