bewafa shayari in English for boyfriend

Bebafa sayarii
Bebafa sayarii


Those who gave life, left their dead, and those who showed their feelings left their loneliness. When the need arises, we need our companions who turn the path along with them.


She was crazy about me, left her alone, did not stop herself, left her shadow. Sadness or sadness is the matter of the promise broke from the lips.


Man was going on his shoulders and he was going to Armaan wrapped in a shroud, who was going to the crematorium in search of Wafa in unabated love. 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


Do not ask, how far is my patience waiting, you can keep your happiness as far as the hopes of the faithful will be, who will be there, we have to see how far you are.


The fire started in his heart when he felt angry, when he could not give the vafa anything by separating, he gave a lot to him when he was unfaithful! 💔 💔 😭


We do not know the skill of love, that's why we lost the game of love. They loved our life so much, that's why they probably killed us alive! 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


We did not write his name on our breath, we did not know that we did something wrong, he retreated to us with the promise of love, but we learned something from his disobedience!


The fire started in the heart when he felt angry, when he parted, he could not give the vafa anything but gave it a lot when he was unfaithful! 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


Don't worry, I know a lot about my style, I have heard about the wafa, they also grieve the love, who do not know about the wafa.

We understood the depth of love by drowning in your intoxicating memories, you were cheating and we never considered you unfaithful even after knowing it. 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


What should I say, how is my condition, one day passes, I am yearning like this, so in infidelity, this body is becoming like a skeleton.


If I want to burn in my destiny, I will burn, I am not your promise, which will change, do not explain to me, nor will one day of my life I will stumble myself.


If the moon comes out, we will ask for blessings, we will ask for a written statement on our part, we will not ask the world and we will only ask for your gift from God! 💔


We had come to decorate your heart's glory, I swore to make you yours, what punishment have you given me, I have come to make you unhappy, your pain.


You have planted the stain which you have placed on me, my dear, my dear love, I think this is a sign of love from your chest. 💔 😭


There is a musical instrument in the heart of two hearts, everyone is proud of their love, not every one of them is unfaithful, there is a secret behind his infidelity!


There is a secret in every heart, there is a way to tell it until everyone stumbles upon the love of bewafery. 💔


Janaja was getting up even though I was having trouble in coming to her and asking her how long she was in the burial!


There was such a feeling on his face that even crying in his memory was acceptable, even infidel cannot be called him.


It is not that you do not remember us that where all the relationships are not maintained, but those who settle down, they are not forgotten in the heart, all kinds of relationships are not maintained with the infidel.


We have talked about the gifts, we have taken them in front of the Jaffa, we have risen in front of the light of the lamp, whenever the hands are changed, the fate is forced.


He turned me down and told me to smile, I laughed, the question was of his happiness, I lost what he did not belong to me, but he lost that which belonged to him only. 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


Applying the heart to someone only when you learn to read the hearts, otherwise there is no honesty in the nature of every face.


Do not shed tears, life has to be shown the beginning of a new life, if the extent of enmity is there, do not even ignore it.

That thing was strange, she got angry with us, who was closest to her heart, she broke our heart, and people say that the girl was very close. 💔 💔


If I had not loved, I would have been told to pay attention, if I had not loved, I would have been told that I would not have beaten my brothers by cheating in the park.


We got neither love nor love, we got whatever we got!  Everybody has become a spectacle of life, everyone got a call for his cause.


I loved with great consciousness!  I loved with great enthusiasm!  But we will now love with great thought!  Because I saw him yesterday with someone else! 💔 💔 😭


Bebafa sayarii

It says that the world is in love and intoxicated!  We too have loved so we also know!  You get some happiness more gum!  But to stumble into it is also a different fun!


This is probably his nature in what he did!  Love is a prayer for yourself!  If you do not get them, I will tell you after dying!  How much love is there in this heart! 💔 💔 😭


If I had loved, then where was the result of love!  Where did you find infidelity instead of Wafa!  Thought I would cross the river of love!  But where will you find the middle river? Where was the swirl! 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


States do not come, I am just telling you my heart. There is accusation of bewafi but I am still humming the murderer, even the murderer has made us unhappy, yet I am just saving her.


If there was no desire to live in the world, God would not have created love, people would not have started dying, if love had not been unsafe! 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


Even the knowledgeable you do not know me, till today you have not been able to recognize me, you have committed self-immolation so that you will not be accused!


Do not ask, how far is my patience waiting, you can keep your strength as far as the hope of loyalty will be given to those who will be able to see us, how far are you guilty! 💔 💔 😭


Every moment we used to play with him, we would leave the world on a hint, and when we reached the middle of the sea, he was upset and he would have drowned on the shore.


He left us and did not know what his compulsion was. God said that he has no fault in this story, I had written it incomplete.  💔 💔 😭


If you are disaffected in love, do not sorrow, do not moisten your eyes for anyone, even if they hate lakhs, but you should never lose your love for them.


The world had to show its face, I had to remove the curtains which I had, I had to shake hands with this infidel in the court today, in the awe of the rulers.


I have become famous, of course, friends, my hundred heads will also be accused, change your gait a little and if you go straight, it is possible that there will be a dagger in the back too. 💔 💔 😭


Do not know what the waves hit Sahil and then return to the sea, do not understand whether they commit infidelity from the edges or return and play the vafa from the sea.


It has become a habit to think something every moment, we have got used to being shocked at every sound, in your love, we have also got used to staying awake with the nights of Hijra. 💔 💔 😭


What he was writing on the waves of water, Khuda jaane was writing Haraf-e-Dua. Hate was found in love. He was also probably writing unfaithful to every person. 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


I have become famous, so friends, of course, a hundred kinds of charges will also come to my head, change your gait a little and if you go straight, it is possible that there will be a dagger in the back too.


Heart has turned back from doing loyalty. Heart is afraid to love now. Do not talk about any support, this heart is filled with false comfort.


You knew that you could not have ever used the habit of asking you from our God but what is the scale vaafa, what do we know that it has become a habit to attach heart to infidelities.


This is the only way of life after happiness, why we have received this sorrow from God, but we did not know that infidelity is the gift of Wafa.


Know how many tears have flowed from my eyes, look at this crowd of human beings, we used to be lonely, who ever said the words of their loyalty today, the same Sanam called us infidel. 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ


The fire started in the heart when he felt angry, when he parted, he could not give anything to the father but he gave a lot when he became unfaithful. 💔 💔


If I raise my head from your frame, if you want someone other than you to say that you are unfaithful, if you have any doubt about my loyalty, then if you do not die from a snake, then say unfaithful.

Something has to be told in the festival, we have to smile secretly and sometimes we were their loved ones, they have to remind them this time and again. 😭 💔 đŸ˜ĸ

No one is here but this world has taught us not to discuss his infidelity. Today, the heart has explained it to us.

This is the only one from life, why don't you get grief after happiness, we did it so much that we did not know that infidelity was changed instead of wafa.

He went out of my way so much as if he did not recognize me, how many wounds have eaten, this heart of mine still we do not consider that infidel as infidel.

At some time, I was separated, you knew from whom you were angry, I believed you more than you, but the time itself used to say that you are unfaithful.

There is still a trace of their love, the name is on the lab, and the life is left, what happens if you turn around and see that it is comforting that the identity of the face remains. 💔 💔 😭

In the desire for a happiness, we were away from every happiness, we could not say anything to anyone, we were not so strong.

Once weeping, we went on crying. Daman went on soaking with the ashes; When the jam got infidelity, he kept immersing himself in the scale.

Bebafa sayarii

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