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Funny Shayari

 Today, when he looked at me with 2 sticks, I slipped away, and later I realized I was unconscious.

 In the garden, all flowers in the garden go down to 5 when you come to the end, why do you have to hit 6 on a straight walk.

 My friends say that you have beaten Katie 4 and made it so, what happened was that 3 boy Teesu Bowl gave 2 kuti kutti 2 tastes red.

 What is this?  Shere: This is thermos.  Keeping the hot stuff in it stays there, keeping the cold cheese in the cold.  Older: Is it possible to do this?  Shere: Two cups of Achaea and one Coca Acola

 Shere with Wife 💏 #Shere: - What should I tell you?  The flower has a thorn in it.  The moon, if you say, has a stain on it.  When you call a monkey, it comes to mind

 Shere dude This water also has no constipation due to the fact that it does not have any weather.

 Teacher: Name the 8 things you can see that you can't touch. Student: Miss Your Woooooo

 Sir: Why did you come late to the class?  Girl: Sir, the guy behind me is down, so Sir: Are you late?  Katie: Sir, she was slowly approaching, and 1. Sir-sheet down 2

 Teacher - What should I do if I miss Tokyo at night?  Shere - should sleep in silence, you should not tell Rajinikanth to send #Sorry.  2

 Wife: How many gifts did you give before you left?  Mundre: Have you ever heard of a fish feeding a fishery even after being caught in a net?

 Boss: Where were you born?  Fist: Kathmandu🌁 Boss: Which part 1?  Fist: What part of which?  Whole body🚶 was born in Kathmandu.

Funny Shayari

 Shere the first one I went to on date with Gf1, this is my first date darling👰 if something went wrong please forgive your younger brother.

 Girl: Teach me to look at the 👰future Baba🎅: Close your eyes 👀 Put your cheeks forward Girl: Don't knock, you kiss नाइ Baba: Don't look Future 🤣

 Father: - Daughter, what do you plan to do after six?  Daughter: - I do "BBA" father.  Father: - What course daughter called "BBA"?  Daughter: - "Aish Bau at Boyfriend B's Bike  is unconscious."

 The name of a man in the name of my god is the devotion of his daughter.  2

 Dhurmus: Rekha Thapa Eulat English is not coming Soranti: If you do not know how, Dhurmus: Dhurmus: I give a kiss.
Funny Shayari

 Shere - hey friend oh my gosh my gf 👰 is getting married, chee's friend 💑wa when is the congratulations?  Shere - My on the 5th of her

 Girl's father - How long have you been in love with my daughter?  Shere - 6 months.  Girl's father 2- How do I believe?  Shere - hold it for another 6 months and you know.

 Teacher - Tell me in which country was the invention of the 90th word?  Shere - China ।ma.  Teacher how?  Shere - Esma has the same properties of all China, after all, not until the evening.

 Shere - I stopped drinking alcohol.
 Bere - since when?
 Shere - the day my mobile was green and that's where the flash of mobile was looking for mobile.

 Questions and answers that will never end
 Father - How is your father studying?
 Son - Father a good one.

 Shere-Simran is at home?
 Uncle - What is your job?
 Shere - there's nothing wrong with telling him that you should go to Simran for your life.

 Doctor - Don't sleep at night with a tension.
 Ramesse - Do you send money to Dimit?

 Weddings should always be done with the girl who is making good food, because after marriage, love is not satisfied.

 Shere - How's your hotel going?
 Bere - not too hot.
 Shere - I came to see that your hotel was closed.
 Berea - A Lunch and a Lunch at dinner Then we go to dinner.

 There are two types of friends in the world that do not say more than one hi and the other bye will never leave.

 Shere had an ipnone in his pocket and Sherry fell off the road, and Shere said, "Oh my god, the bone breaks but the iphone doesn't break."

 Nowadays such numbers come in the exam of a child 99.9, 96, 94.4, 90 and in our time it came only in the time of stress.

 Gf: Go call now night
 BF: No, you don't talk at night
 GF: How?
 Bf: My mom says that if you talk like a witch in the night, she wipes it out of my hand today.

 On the first day of marriage Shere came to her old sms sorry sorry I am getting married to someone else then shes reading the sms then bivas again sms came sorry sorry this sms accidentally send you sher again.

 Shere - The girl in the bus park blinked
 Katie - oh hello I'm not a quick girl
 Shere - lol is the only one I checked

 Police - Killer life will be hanged tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock
 Killer - ha ha ha
 Police - Oy why are you laughing?
 Killer - Because I'm asleep until 8am.

 Some people talk in the eyes Some people talk in the eyes are very difficult to answer When someone speaks English.

 Shere-why don't you reply today?
 Sheri's gF - You send absolutely indigenous messages
 Shere - where to bring you a message from Adidas, Nike now

 Shere - I want to marry your daughter.
 Girl's father - Can you buy toilet paper for my daughter?
 Shere - so many Haggir people who want to get married.

 Shere - Seeing the girl was riding a bike while she was away.
 Katie - You didn't hurt?
 Shere - (as if unhappy or unhappy) Yes you didn't know this is my style.

 Number 4 is very important in the lives of Nepali people.
 4 days of sunshine again the same last night.
 4 Become aware of what was read in the book.
 4 Money makes no sense.
 What happens when 4 people hear this?

 Shere's old - Before going to a wedding, you wouldn't even go out to the hotel, park, cinema hall, tours.
 Shere - Have you ever seen Gako preaching after the election is over?

Funny Shayari