Nepali Sayari and english sayari

Nepali Sayari and english sayari

Nepali Sayari

Namaste 🙏 हजुर लाई

  • जीवन बाँकी छ अझै  जीयर त हेर

    च्यातियका सपनाहरु सियर त हेर!!

    यक पटककाे धाेकाले पाठ सिकाउँछ जान चाहनेलाई बाटाे  दियर त हेर!!

    बिसपनि कुनै ठाउँमा अमृत बनिदिन्छ तेसैलाई नै अमृत मानी पियर त हेर !!

  • जसरी हरेक समस्यामा एउटा अवसर लुकेको हुन्छ त्यसरी नै हरेक निराशामा ज्ञानको अनमोल रत्न लुकेको हुन्छ , निराशालाई आफ्नो तागत बनाउनुस न कि कमजोरी❤️🙂❤️🙏🌹

  • ईमानदारीताले"प्रेम"चल्दैन यदि"प्रेममा"हुनुहुन्छ भने "स्वार्थलाई अंगाल्नुहोस्"

  • म उदाउदै गरेको बिहानि हुँ, तिमी डुब्न् लागेको घाम प्रिय् .........!

    ####### म काँचो केरा जस्तो कठोर हुँ, तिमी चुसी सकेको आँप को कोया प्रिय्.....!🤦‍♂️🙃😂😂🤘

  • ज़िन्दगीमा सुख चैन हेर कति दूभर छ खुशीका पलहरू गैहाल्ला भन्ने डर छ अरू सबै बेकार हुन बदलिन्छन पलमा मात्र एउटै सत्य जीवन र मृत्यु अमर छ        एस आर मंजरी ओली

  • ऋतुझैँ फेरिने रहेछन !! घामझैँ अस्ताउने रहेछन !! रातझै डुब्दा रहेछन !! काडाझै घोच्दा रहेछन !! कहिले काहिँ पबित्र मानिएगा साईनोहरु..........😢😢

  • रोएर हुदैन जसरी पनि जिन्दगीमा बाच्न पर्छ दुख त हुदैगर्छ तर शत्रुको अगाडि हास्न पर्छ !!

  • प्रेम गरेजस्तो देखाउने भन्दा "प्रेम गदिनँ" भनेर तड्पाउने नै बेस् !

  • तिमी ले जहाँ जस्तो जुन अवस्था मा    छोडेर गयौ    त्यही  सोहि अवस्था मा छु      पछाडी फर्किन मन मान्दैन        अगाडि बढौ मन मस्तिष्क मा           बिगत छरपस्ट बनिदिन्छ।😞

  • जीन्दगी होस त गुलाब जस्तो निमोठेर फाल्नेको हातमा पनि सुगन्ध छर्न सकियोस

  • मान्छेले मान्छेलाइ स्वार्थका लागी प्रयोग गर्छ्न् चाहे महिला हुन् या पुरूष स्वार्थ पुरा हुन्छत सङ्गत नगरे हुन्छ भन्नेमा पुग्छ आफन्त,साथीसङ्गी, हितैसी जो सुकै भएपनी स्ट्यान्डर्ड (आर्थिक हैसियत,पेशा, पद र प्रतिस्ठा) मिल्दैन निकट भन्दा निकट नाता र सम्बन्धहरु पनि फिक्का बन्दछन्👇👇

  • English Sayari


  • On a sunny day, the husband opened the hook of his wife's bra in a jerk, and the wife said "You're so experienced."

  • "Nowadays nobody says oi Don't lose even because of your own "

  • How unkind the cruel ones are They are not related to distance

    The proverb says that it is in the heart And even that doesn't make it paper right

    This world full of selfish selfishness The truth does not decide the truth Good evening

    Puju Fukalideau lovely voice Goes Out !!

    .................................. ................................ The day will never come Done.

  • I tried to keep the "rat" together, I try to keep "frogs" in hand, No matter how "stupid" I am !! Just trying to keep the "snake" in bed !!!

  • You've learned everything See all that has not happened Now you too have improved You remember the old thing

  • The longer we can stay away from negative things, the closer we can be to happiness !!

  • Glad to have a few, though Hard work is the same

  • If anyone wants to benefit from it You must associate with the thief

    If a mistake is found it should be given Even if his son was punished

    I live with happiness in poverty Even if it is sacky in clothes

    I bet he says it Even though my heart is hard

    "All if I die Fire is coming What will be hot for you in the winter? Free Eat Free Benefits xa "

  • The old cook said that the statement was true, There is a lot of difference between swimming pools and swimming pools,

  • Son is a beautiful, happy and happy tongue of a man!  One day he plays himself and plays a part in the Nepali society called Bibaha?

  • The girls who carry the purse of the bride sitting next to the bride in her marriage are also the younger finance ministers.

  • Declaration of direction free zone And do not make public palate tea If walking down the road, then what if the bottle is poured into the bag

  • What an unemployed Even if you were old enough to get married, you would have to wash your clothes

    To be a good leader, you need to run a program on TV Only one night to shake the bed, I will give birth to a leader

    To go to bed at night, the sluggard puts the bottle in front of the bed I get up in my sleep and pour it as water

    Only laundry should be used to ensure that the washed cloth looks clean

    At the age of waking up to hear the trumpet alarm buzzer has to rise

    The neighbor boils down to the neighbor's daughter My heart cleanses

    Till now all the photos of ex are kept on mobile and looking like zoo. Animals

    Two sacks of coal were sourced in Kathmandu Who has it?

    The employee also said that the agriculture subsidy will be eaten In our straightforward language it is called the blood of his wife

  • Someone is getting married photos, some kids are getting older Some of the sinful worlds passed away as the tea of ​​their life was consumed

    Your photo is under Sarani Not over the photo As it is

    Anything changes according to the context Even the stones that sit together in the mountains Puglinathia hala.

    To know my love is Needless to say, while away

  • I'm sorry, dear son Your mother does not know It's not like you're born

    The old Gulf of Ex is going today My car is the best way to leave the airport

    Science says "The wound on the tongue heals the fastest" But wisdom says that a wound on the tongue can never be cured

    wash wouth Soaking the hands two times by soaking them in water and wiping them on the pillows, the day has come.

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